Oct 31st, 2010

Night of the Living Dead LIVE

In 2010, Footlite Musicals presented the stage version of George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead as a Halloween fundraiser. In addition to setting up sound for the show, including various sound practicals for radio effects and off-stage explosions, I designed two video projections for the newscasts that appear in the play.

The concept was that the image, as though shining out of a small TV set on stage, would project in reverse onto the set and actors in front of it. The first clip is the footage after it was shot and treated. I used digieffects’ Damage plugin, and it looks just great.

The second clip shows the effect as was presented in the show. Keep in mind that it looked cooler (and brighter) in person, but you get the idea.

The sound partially comes from an on-stage speaker, furthering the illusion that it is coming out of the TV. The video was very effective for the scene.

Dennis Forkel and David Mosedale

Directed By
Brian Noffke and Greg Raley-Barrett